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Max is a devoted, giving and extremely adorable dog. He is super social and always wants to be part of the crowd. His loyalty is one of a kind and for that matter he is always there for his loved ones. A true buddy! He oozes with smiles, has unlimited positive energy and never misses an opportunity to show his appreciation to everyone around him.

But like everybody else, he also enjoys being taken care of and he has a way of showing it, that makes him irresistible.

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Max is surrounded by amazing buddies, Maxbuddies, who are totally unique, fearless and daring.

They are the coolest, funniest, grooviest bunch of buddies that Max or anybody else could ever have. The kind of friends that anyone would wish for. Together with Max, they have a clear purpose in life:

  • Motivate boys to believe in themselves and dream big.
  • They believe it is always up to you to “MAKE IT HAPPEN”
  • Going against the odds you simply go against your fears.
  • Come, join them and be their buddy too.

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