Dave is a relaxing, funny, often careless camel. You could call him lazy too. In his mind everything is easy; No need for extra effort. For every situation, his first words are always “Be Cool Bro”. He has a passion for skiing. Each time, before he starts skiing, he tells his friends “see you on the next wave “. While skiing, as he wants to be funny and cool, he makes all these hilarious moves yelling “unleash the beast”, making all his friends burst into laughter.
Max, knowing this keeps on telling him: “Hey buddy, making others laugh is a real gift and it takes a lot of effort even if you don’t see it.
We are the best bunch of buddies who can always make it happen!

Dave’s mottos

  • See you on the next wave
  • Watch outttt…..
  • Passion for skiing
  • Unleash the beast
  • Be Cool Bro
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