Jimminie is a very persistent, nothing can stop me squid. He is a little bit clumsy but his I can do it attitude makes him thrive and succeed. Even though he has a low profile, he wants to be cool like the others but without letting this affecting his kind personality. He truly believes that everyone has a talent, so he never stops repeating to his buddies “discover your talent”. He is sure that when this happens, the sky is the limit. Even for a squid!
Max, knowing his I can do it attitude keeps on telling him: “Hey buddy, there is nothing coolest than keep trying.
We are the best bunch of buddies who can always make it happen!

Jimminie’s mottos:

  • I can do it
  • Sky is the limit
  • Nothing can stop me
  • Discover your talent
  • Keep trying
  • Be stubborn on your goals
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