Our Passion

Vito, Dave, Jimminie, Petewie and many others, are a bunch of friends and Maxbuddies. One loves adventures, another is more reserved, a third may be ambitious, or somebody else likes challenges and so on. They are the spit image of boys aged 10-14 years old. They share the same dreams, hopes, fears, laughs, doubts etc. But most importantly they share the need to be accepted for who they are.
Maxbuddies vision is to boost boys personalities during this sensitive transition to adolescence, make them feel how genuine and super cool it is to:

  • be sensitive
  • be caring
  • appreciate humor
  • feel insecure or silly sometimes
  • recognize the power of will and the importance to keep dreaming
  • value friendship
  • avoid stereotypes

Our characters who are Max’s buddies may have different traits but share all the above along with one common desire: “MAKE IT HAPPEN.”

“Make it Happen” by simply believing in ourselves.
Our goal is to make each one of our consumers to feel proud of themselves by being just the way they are! To make them dare and try to achieve their goals. But also, to make them understand that the effort is as important- if not even more- as the achievement itself.
We want to hear your ideas and maybe someday your funny buddy may be a new character coming up in the market.

Send us your buddy idea, his name and his personality and who knows you might be part of the new Maxbuddies generation….”

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