Our Story

It all started with a complaint and a demand.
Two boys at the age of 10 &12 asked their mom for trendy and funny t-shirts, complaining that there were no such characters for boys at their age.
So this need, gave birth to the idea of Maxbuddies
Max is a real character and the best buddy of these boys but all his other friends had to be created from scratch.
The goal was to introduce new characters that were realistic, funny, groovy, and sporty with virtues and flaws like anyone else. Characters challenge themselves to stretch beyond their limits and outside any stereotypes. Characters strive to make their dreams come true, in a fun and engaging way.
Characters with different personalities with whom all boys aged 10-14 can relate to.
Characters that would encourage and motivate boys of this age to:

  • Believe in themselves
  • Have a positive thinking
  • Build self confidence
  • Acknowledge the power of friendship
  • And to strongly believe “where there is a dream there is always an achievement”. Never underestimate just how powerful dreaming BIG can be.

The challenge was big! But we like challenges!
Names, activities and characteristics were thrown on the table for days.
After a lot of brainstorming and several Focus Groups with boys 10-14 years old all Max’s buddies were there in front of our eyes, introducing themselves. All these fascinating guys with their similarities and differences share the same motto: Make it happen.
We love them and we believe that they are the coolest, funniest, grooviest bunch of buddies that Max or anybody else could ever have.

Come, join them and be their buddy too!

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