Razor is an introverted, sensitive shark! Yes you heard right. Sensitive! He feels neglected thinking that everybody is afraid of him and that’s why he started a not afraid of sharks campaign. How? By doing things that will make him adorable to his buddies. He has a passion for surfing and every time he is out there he loves to raze the waves. When he doesn’t surf he is working hard on how to control his temper! Max, being aware of his friend’s hard effort to be a savior and not a threat keeps on telling him: “Hey buddy, we are all so proud of you! We are the best bunch of buddies who can always make it happen!

Razor’s mottos:

  • Raze the waves
  • Let’s do it
  • Sees the seas
  • Be a savior
  • Passion for surfing
  • Not afraid of sharks
  • Surf, Eat, Dream
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