Vito is a born ready tough bulldog. Well, that’s the first impression you get when you meet him. He stands up for his buddies like a true bodyguard and his intimidating looks simply state don’t mess with my friends! Which is one of his life mottos after all. Anyone who knows Vito, is a fearless, brave, born for the top guy who empowers his friends and insists on never let go. And yet, Vito is afraid of something. What could that be? Showing his deep sensitive side because the others might laugh at him. Max, being aware of that keeps on telling him “Hey buddy, even if they laugh who cares? You are who you are and that makes the difference. We can count on you. We are the best bunch of buddies who can always make it happen!

Vito’s mottos:

  • Never let go
  • Be brave
  • Don’t mess with my friends.
  • Born ready
  • Born for the top
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